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Advertising? Gasp!

Okay, so you might have noticed the two little button ads on the main page of the site. I know that a while ago I promised I would never have ads, but the more I've read about the Project Wonderful advertising system, the more I've realized that it might not be too bad. They aren't too obtrusive, I can control the size of the ads, and if there are ever any ads that are too annoying or offensive, I can block that publisher from ever advertising here again. Right now both of the ad spots are hovering at ... << MORE >>

Changing Shape of the Internet

It seems to me that the web has distinctly changed in style over the past few years. These days, everything on the internet is discussion-oriented. It's Web 2.0 to the extreme. Instead of people having a personal page or website, now everyone just has accounts, profiles, and feeds. Content is dynamic, user-generated, and commented upon. 

I mean, think about it - when most of my friends use the internet, the majority of their time is spent on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, Blogger, and deviantART. Hardly anyone goes to unique websites anymore to get their content; they just check their ever-updating feeds, notifications, and replies.

It seems like the internet is moving away from a network of independently owned and operated sites, and towards a highly regulated system that has been streamlined for quick communication and feedback. Almost all of the top websites according to Alexa are social networking or blogging sites. The internet is now just one giant discussion forum.

I almost sort of miss the old days, when companies, bands, and artists would put forth the effort to create unique and independent websites. Sure, it's easy to make a Myspace page or a Facebook fan page for your band, but it isn't original in the slightest. 

I don't know, I guess I'll just watch and see how it turns out.

Blogs, Servers, and New Main Pages?!?

Okay, so it has seriously been a long time since I've posted an entry here. Why? Well... part of the reason is that I've sorta moved to a different blog, which I've used for random stuff. It can be found here: http://rabidcentipede.blogspot.com/  - I'm thinking that I will eventually try to start using both blogs... this one for website/game-related stuff, and the other one for personal/poetry/etc. stuff.

Anyway, on to the more exciting news...<< MORE >>

yayy for christmas (and okami is awesome.)

Okay, so I'm back from my secret christmas vacation location. Which means that the regularly-scheduled lack of updates may now continue.

Anyway, it's sorta late, but merry christmas/happy holidays!

Over the break, I had rather limited internet/computer usage, so I derived much of my entertainment from the Wii. Although the games that my sister got for her birthday/christmas, Wii Fit, DDR, and Animal Crossing, were all rather fun and quite enjoyable, I realized once again how truly amazing Okami is. Let me take a minute to explain how much I love this game.

Okami strongly resembles the Legend of Zelda ...<< MORE >>

Woah, it's been a while

Okay, so it has definitely been quite a while since I last updated. Whoops. Well, I've got lots of exciting news to bring up - first of all, the Rabidcentipedia will soon be experiencing it's first anniday (a combination of anniversary and birthday, I guess)!! Which definitely means that you should go, read some articles, make an account, and maybe do some productive editing. 

Next, I am working on a completely new layout for the website that should hopefully be less ugly, have nicer colors, make blog entries easier to read, make content easier to find, and basically just ...<< MORE >>

Website Review excitingness

Well, it has been a while. Time for a new entry.

Anyway, I'm here to talk about a really interesting site that I discovered a while ago, but didn't really start using until recently. Most of you have probably heard of Last.FM - it's described as the "Social Music Revolution", and while I don't know whether it exactly counts as a revolution, it is pretty useful and fun.

Basically, you make an account, and then slowly build up information about the kind of music that you like. This is done by either listening to music on the site - some in the form of 30 second samples, others as whole songs - or downloading the Last.FM "scrobbler" which tracks the music that you listen to in WMP/iTunes/etc. and even the songs that you listen to on your iPod. You can control which songs get scrobbled, or how much of a song you have to listen to.

The website takes all of this information and collects into a series of easily-viewable charts, so you can see, for instance, how many times over the past six months you listened to a particular band, or what song you listened to most last week. I think I have two different charts included on the main page of RabidCentipede here, so you can see what kind of music I've been listening to lately. Exciting.

Anyway, the fun part comes after it has built up a good amount of information about your music tastes. You can listen to a streamed "radio station" made out of music that it recomends for you based on your favorite bands, songs, etc. - I've been trying this feature out recently, and it's pretty neat. I'll sometimes come across a band that I liked a while ago, but never listened to on my computer. In addition, I've found a whole bunch of new (and not so new) bands who seem quite good.

You should really check it out - www.last.fm/home

By the way - I'm going on vacation to boston until friday! Yay!

Firefox is awesome.

Hm, it has been a while since I've updated! Sorry! I went to a very interesting Video Game Design camp/seminar in Atlanta for two weeks, and last week was at the beach! But, now I can resume our normally scheduled updates (or lack thereof).

Well, I decided to outline some of my favorite Firefox extensions - ways to make the best browser in the world even better! (If you don't have Firefox, go ahead and get it from www.mozilla.com/en-US/products/firefox/).

First of all - one of my favorites. The Download Statusbar (available from addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/26) gets rid of the pesky downloads window, ...<< MORE >>

I'm leaving today

I'm leaving today to go somewhere that should be pretty interesting... However, I don't know how long it will be until I have internet access again. Hopefully two/three days...

In other news... today is FRIDAY THE 13th!!! Do you know what that means? No? Well... it means that to avoid bad luck, you should buy stuff at the store - www.cafepress.com/rabidcentipede - Trust me, it will work. ...<< MORE >>

Okami review - yay! (It's SUMMER!!!!)

YAY! It's summer! This means I'll actually have time to do stuff! Before I get into the review, I have a few announcements to make. Well, I've been trying to learn Japanese, so I decided to mess around with PHP/MySQL and make some sort of online quiz tool to work on memorizing characters. It still isn't completed - I haven't put all of the hiragana in the database yet, and haven't started on the other character sets, but I guess you can go ahead an look at it. Link - HERE!

In addition - I've been working on a new ...<< MORE >>


YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAY!!! Last friday, the 9th, I got to go to a Radiohead concert!!! IT WAS MOST AWESOME! Yay. I am quite happy. Especially happy since they are one of the three best bands EVER, the other two being Pink Floyd and The Beatles, and therefore not very likely to tour again anytime soon ...<< MORE >>

Random News and Stuff

Okay... I have some more news. I was going to put it in the Super Mario Galaxy review, but figured you'd want to get to the good stuff as quickly as possible, and wouldn't really pay any attention. So, now, to business.

As I said before, I added a twitter feed to the main page. Also, I've just added a widget that shows my top overall and weekly artist charts on last.fm... however, I do despise Flash, so I'm going to investigate alternative methods of data presentation.

Also, I decided it was time to add some more links to our random database. ...<< MORE >>

Super Mario Galaxy review

First of all, some brief news. I added a Twitter feed to the website, which you should see somewhere near the bottom of the right column. Yay. Also, I have recently been using Last.FM to listen to/record my tastes in music... I'll see about adding a widget or feed or something to the site. Anyway, they are both pretty neat technologies that you should check out.

But, on to the main point of this post. Recently, I have been playing a lot of Super Mario Galaxy, the latest reanimation of Nintendo's cash-cow Super Mario 64. Super Mario Galaxy, for the Wii, ...<< MORE >>

Learning Japanese (and other news)

I've always sorta wanted to learn Japanese, and the other day I finally sat down and started researching the best way to go about doing that. After learning that there are an obscene amount of different character sets (3), I found out that I should probably learn Hiragana first, which I am now attempting to do. So far, I'd say that I have about a forth of them down. It is slightly more difficult than I thought it would be (stupid ro/ru and me/nu looking almost the same), but I think I am making good progress.

Anyway, now I need to ...<< MORE >>

More Python Fun!

Okay, I have now released the next version of my python experiment! (For the original and information about how to run it, check HERE.)

The new version, entitled BetaGame, can be downloaded from either http://www.rabidcentipede.com/python/BetaGame.zip or http://www.rabidcentipede.com/python/BetaGame.tar.gz

This time, run "Start.py" to get the program going, and then have fun! As you can tell, there is now a simple interface in the form of dialog boxes and prompts. Also, the combat system is slightly more advanced, and you will sometimes receive potions at the end of a battle. In addition, I have fixed a few small bugs found ...<< MORE >>

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

Yay! If you can't tell, the website has been updated, meaning that there should be no more of the high-contrast from the last version. I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, I thought that I should celebrate the occasion by writing a review of the game that has been taking up most of my time recently... Super Smash Bros. Brawl! The sequel to Super Smash Bros. Melee,  this Wii game is another one of the reasons why the Wii is the only console that matters in the current console wars. It brings back almost everything from the previous game, and then adds ...<< MORE >>

Happy Pi Day!

Yay... Today is pi day! 3.14! Eat pie! And celebrate Einstein's birthday. w00t.

Also, Super Smash Bros. Brawl is awesome... I might get around to writing a review soon. Either way, I demand that you go out and get this most excellent game. Thank you for your cooperation.

...<< MORE >>

ummm... ok?

Well, apparently there is this large game thing going on, where you get points for inviting people to join... you LOSE if you don't invite anyone every 30 days. So, SHAMELESS LINK PLUG HERE:


Now, it is supposed to be "creative," but I am lazy. It is italicized, and I find that pretty creative.

...<< MORE >>

Best Albums Ever

Because I know you want to be told what music you should and shouldn't listen to, I'll be generous and compile a list of what I consider to be some of the best albums ever. Aren't I nice?

Anyway, here it is. They aren't in any particular order, and I'm too lazy to fix that. So, yeah.

  • Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd
  • OK Computer - Radiohead
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
  • Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
  • Thick As A Brick - Jethro Tull
  • The Beatles (White Album) - The Beatles
  • Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zeppelin
  • Relayer - Yes
  • Meddle - ...
<< MORE >>

A short story I wrote

I thought that I should post this little story I wrote for school.  It got turned into a monologue for my Acting class, but I liked it better in the story form, so that will be the one I post. Sorry if it is a bit rough... I typed most of it in large chunks, and never did too much editing. Here you go!

(Click article title to read story.)<< MORE >>

The Orange Box review - Part 1

Okay... I guess I should write a review for the Orange Box. The problem is, not having played any of the Half Life games before, the Orange Box presented me with a HUGE amount of new content, so I will break this review up into multiple parts. I will start with the two non-Half Life games in the package: Portal and Team Fortress 2.

I'll go ahead and get it out of the way: PORTAL IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is probably one of the most fun, unique, and funny games I have played in a long time. While so many other companies ...<< MORE >>

The Orange Box == AWESOME

This weekend, I got the Orange Box.  I had read about it before, decided that it would be a pretty good deal, and finally decided to go ahead and get it.  Now, I have never played any of the Half Life games before, which meant all of the content in the game was new to me.  However, I started with Portal, seeing as how it seemed the most unique and interesting.  I opened the game, and started playing. And beat it. It was amazing. I played a little bit of Team Fortress, and then beat Portal again the next day. ...<< MORE >>

Python fun!

About a week or so ago, I decided to start learning the python programming language. After writing a few short test programs to familiarize myself with the language, I decided to start on a larger project - a game!

I have now completed the fighting engine of a simple text-based, turn-based fighting game. There isn't much to it right now, but you still can pick a race (human, elf, or dwarf), and a class (mage or warrior). There are weapon-based and magic-based attacks, and more interesting features will be added later. However, I wanted to go ahead and post the relatively-complete fighting engine. Download your copy from either www.rabidcentipede.com/python/AlphaGame.zip or www.rabidcentipede.com/python/AlphaGame.tar.gz

This will give you an archive of the source python files. To run it, open your favorite python environment and run "Main.py". If you don't have Python, grab it from http://python.org/

I plan to add more to the game outside of the fighting engine, such as various towns, items, quests, etc.

Have fun!

New game available!!1!1!!

Over the holidays, I have managed to put together a small game, since I felt like there haven't been enough updates lately. Go ahead and check out HackNet!

Guitar Hero 3 is really fun... I have beaten it on easy, and am almost done with medium. Once I finish medium, I'll get around to writing a review for it. Eventually. Anyway, one of the songs on there was so good that I decided to get it... Knights of Cydonia by Muse. I really recommend checking this song out. 

And I am still happily devouring the MegaTokyo books that I got. Excellent comic.

That is it for now... have a happy new year!

MySims Review

Okay, I thought I would write a review about MySims (Wii) first. I plan on writing one for Guitar Hero 3 soon, but I feel like I need more time with the game before I can review it adequately.

Anyway, I think of MySims as a strange cross between The Sims computer games and the Animal Crossing DS games. It uses a similar basic story from the AC games: You move in to a town, and must help it gain inhabitants by caring for it and doing nice things for the people there. This time, however, instead of running many ...<< MORE >>

Yay! Books, games, and music, oh my!

I have recently come across some games that are indeed quite good, and I will probably writing reviews for them soon.

The  first of these is GNOME NetHack. I found it while perusing the available games to download on Linux, and it caught my attention. I have never played any form of NetHack before, but I had seen someone play it once, so I decided to download it and give it a try. Although the graphics wouldn't look out of place on an 8 bit game, they were still better than the obscure punctuation that serve as graphics in many of the text-only versions of the game. The gameplay itself, however, was quite excellent. In fact, if it weren't for the next two games I am going to tell you about, I probably would have spent all day fighting through dungeons.

Well, I got Guitar Hero 3 (the Wii version, of course) for Christmas, and it is amazing. I have never owned a GH game before, but I had played GH2 over the summer at a friend's house. Anyway, GH3 is superbly fun... I have already beat the story mode on easy, and am working through on medium right now. Through Fire and Flames is a truly awesome song to play on there... I tried it in quick play on expert, and it blew my mind.

Also, my sister got MySims (Wii) for Christmas, meaning that I now have to fight viciously for time on the Wii. I actually played the game a bit, and it is interesting. It is basically a mix of The Sims and Animal Crossing, and while I had never been very interested in AC, I loved the building and designing aspect of both games, and MySims is all about building and designing stuff.

I now have ALL Pink Floyd studio albums ever released... yay!

I am also really happy because I just got MegaTokyo, in printed form. I was amazed that Borders had it in the first place, but I bought all five volumes, thanks to their handy buy four get one free sale!

Winter time!

YAY!!! As of today, school is out until January! No more exams! More productivity around here!!!!

Anyway, I'm sorry that not much has been updated recently... I'm still working on a few changes on RabidNet, and a new version featuring different types of users should be available soon.

I am also beginning to work on something that I think will eventually be quite interesting... a wiki! Yes, the Rabidcentipedia will soon be available... stay tuned for more info on this and what kind of stuff it will have on it!

Have a good holiday (shopping) season, and a happy new year!


Yay for Linux!

Okay... I don't have another game review for you yet, but I just wanted to post an announcement saying that, after a day of intense research and another day of intense work, I finally have Linux installed and configured on my computer!  It now dual-boots Windows Vista Ultimate and Ubuntu 7.10 Linux, which is quite exciting. In fact, I am typing this blog entry right now in Firefox in Linux! 

Umm... yeah. That's sorta it for now.

Unreal Tournament 3 Review

Well, I guess it is time for me to review Unreal Tournament 3. I got the game the day after it came out, and have been playing it quite a bit since. And by quite a bit, I mean I will sit down, and then look at the clock and notice that six to eight hours flew by. So yeah, I guess you can say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the game by now.

Now, it would help to know where I stand before you read any further. My first Unreal Tournament game was UT2004, and I ...
<< MORE >>

Halo 3 Review

Even though I don't have a 360, I recently got to play this game... I must say that it does indeed live up to the hype. Best new game of 2007? So far, yes. I'd even go so far as to say that it is one of the best new games since the original Halo. Best First Person Shooter ever? Not quite. While the graphics are stunning, the multiplayer is fun and entertaining, and the Legendary mode is truly legendary, there are a few things that keep this otherwise-excellent game from reaching its true potential.

I'll start with the campaign ...<< MORE >>

Gone until Friday

Okay... I'm going to be gone out in the middle of the wilderness for the rest of the week, so little work will be done. Now, however, seems to be a good time to fill you in on what exactly I have been working on recently. The completely revamped members system update, named RabidNet, is nearing completion. I am now coding and fixing the message boards, but the main system may be tested out at http://www.rabidcentipede.com/rabidnet/members.php.

Also, I have been working on a new game that will almost be a sequel to Any Colour You Like... what I mean is ...<< MORE >>

Update... back home now.

Okay... Sorry I didn't update after I got back from camp, I was pretty busy. Then, I left again, and have spen tthe past week at the beach! What fun!

Anyway, not much work has been done recently, so there aren't really many new updates. I am still working on the updated members system, and that should be done soon.

... << MORE >>

Leaving tomorrow...

Well, I'll be leaving tomorrow to go to Florida.  I'll be gone for three weeks, and I'm not sure how much I will be able to work on stuff or update the website while I am there. Wizard 3 is probably going to be postponed until I get back.

...<< MORE >>


I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

Who can guess what book I just finished reading? Yup, Dune! It is a truly amazing book. You may wonder why ...<< MORE >>

ZOMG RUSH CONCERT!!!! (and news about Wizard 3)

Ok.... YAY! Last night, I went to a Rush concert, as part of their 2007 world tour for their new album, Snakes and Arrows. The concert was amazing! Luckily, it didn't rain, and the weather was pretty nice. I just bought their new album on iTunes, and am in the process of listening to it right now. It sounds very nice, and I will have to update the music page soon...

Work on Wizard 3 has been going nicely. I have been working on composing music for it, as each little area thing will have different background music. I've also been ...<< MORE >>

Hey all, news about the new game and such

    Hi... it's been a while since the last update... sorry. Sorta got caught up in end-of-school stuff, but it is summer now. Finally. Which means long stretches of music, food, pool, gaming, and, yes, actual productivity. I've postponed the members section update for a bit, since I still need to make sure it is thoroughly secure and bug-free... as if. Meanwhile, I have been working on a new game... Wizard 3!

    This one will return to the classic 2D format of Wizard 1 and 2, but will have many new twists. It is built around the Wizard 2 ...<< MORE >>

Updates to the site.

Okay, there have been, and will be soon, some updates to the website. First of all, I added some stuff to the Music page (My Opinions under the Music menu at the top), mostly reflecting my purchase of some new Pink Floyd albums, and the addition of Rush as one of the featured artists... I'm beginning to quite like Prog rock.

Also, I am in the process of completely redoing the members section... the new version will have many new features, much more content, and... wait for it... USER PAGES! That's right, when the new update is up, and I ...<< MORE >>

YAY!!! W00t!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!! !!!!! !! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why?! Because....! http://www.starcraft2.com/!

StarCraft II. A sequel to one of YAY! the best games ever. Wow. This is going to be amazing. I can't wait to get it...

I mean YAY! really, Blizzard, way to surprise us. Spend all of YAY! this time getting people all addicted to World of WarCraft, which is basically like the 4th sequel to WarCraft, and completely ignore the StarCraft franchise. Then, YAY! all of a sudden, BAM! StarCraft 2! Yes!

I think YAY! I better stop before my writing becomes even less ...<< MORE >>

New Game! Quite fun! PLAY IT!!!

Okay... after playing Super Mario Brothers for far too long, we decided to try our hand at crafting a platformer game. After a weekend of much work, we are proud to present: Any Colour You Like! Try it! It is now on the games menu, along with our other new game, Wizard 2.5, both of which you should play if you haven't already.

You might be wondering why it has such a strange name. You see, it started off as a normal platformer game, with enemies and such, but, bit by bit, things got turned into the globs of color ...<< MORE >>


Okay, Wizard 2.5 is now here. Go play it. Either follow the link in this post, or find it on the games menu on the main page.


I'm not sure what I should work on next... I am seeing some technical difficulties with Wizard 2.75 (the multiplayer version), so I might move on to another project for a bit. I can't decide between starting the Space Command game, making a quick side-scroller, or beginning the engine for Wizard 3, which will be 2D again.

Yeah, the reason side-scrolling games got added to the plan is because I just bought Super Mario ...<< MORE >>

Wikipedia, oh ultimate source of all knowledge, my heart cringes for thee...

You might be wondering about the rather strange and lengthy title to this blog post. You should. It does not mean that some catastrophe, such as overloaded servers or ownership by Ted Stevens has befallen it, no. It means that it is merely obtaining a rather negative reputation.

You see, most of the common population, ranging from school teachers and professors to the person sitting next to me, think that it is an untrustworthy source of information. Why? "Because there is no restrictions on who can pretend to be an expert!" replies one victim of this negative brainwashing. While I may ...<< MORE >>

Yay! Google customized home pages!!!!

I have been playing around with Google customized home pages, and found out that I could add custom ones by URL. After building a few test ones for myself, I decided that it was time to turn my attention to my dedicated readers. Since I know that you all enjoy reading this blog so much, you can now add a google gadget that will show the top 2-9 most recent articles!!!

Instructions: From your google home page, click Add Stuff, and then, by the search bar, click Add by URL. Next, simply enter this: http://blog.rabidcentipede.com/rss2.aspx

That is the RSS 2.0 ...<< MORE >>

Games Spotlight! - Issue 1

Hello everyone! Work on Wizard 2.5 is well underway, but we thought that we should help you find some things to do while you wait for it to be ready. First of all, you could always go to the STORE and buy a few things. However, that wouldn't make a very exciting article. So, we decided to talk a little bit about some of our older games, and maybe help you find something that you would enjoy playing!

This first issue of our Games Spotlight will focus on the "Classics Collection" and the "Action Collection" package...<< MORE >>

Wizard 2.5!

Okay... I guess it is time to tell you that our next game is well underway. It is called *drum roll* Wizard 2.5: Elemental Quest!! Isn't that fancy! It has its own little subtitle! Anyway, You might be wondering why this is Wizard 2.5, and not Wizard 3, etc. Well, W2.5:EQ is going to be a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER! That's right, you will wander around dungeons, casting spells at different monsters from the wizard's point of view! If you had ever wondered what the poor wizard was thinking or feeling in W1 and W2, now you get the chance! You ...<< MORE >>


Yay!!! We finally got wireless internet set up here at the RabidCentipede HQ! Even though half of our network is still wired, it is great fun. I can feel the wireless internet pulsating through me, and it tingles!!! Also, the Wii yet again proves its awesomeness. It joined the ranks of our impressive network, which is currently made up of two desktops, three laptops, two DS's, and one Wii. I am so glad that Nintendo includes internet capabilities in their products! The forecast and news channels are really cool, and I even visited RabidCentipede.com on the Wii!!! That was fun. ...<< MORE >>

Unreal Tournament 2004 MAP!!! Test it!!!!

For those with Unreal Tournament 2004: Okay... we spent the day today messing around with the level editor in Unreal Tournament, and managed to come up with what we thought was a somewhat-decently entertaining map. You can download it here (READ FULL ARTICLE TO SEE DOWNLOAD LINK)...<< MORE >>

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!! Oh yeah, I've been listening to some new music lately. The CD is called Soundtrack to a Silent Movie by Handsome Head. Check out their website at http://www.handsomehead.com ... Bye! << MORE >>

Random Reflective Ramblings, pt. 2

Yay... it snowed outside today!!! Minesweeper is still the most awesome game on the planet. The other day, I was thinking to myself, what if xfire supported minesweeper? But, lo and behold, I went and looked, and it does!! I have a new challenge for everyone here... Play minesweeper with xfire on, until it reaches the top of the "Today's Top Games" list. You know what is really good? Limes. They rock. Oh yeah... the new version of windows came out recently. We'd buy it and review it, but that would probably necessitate purchasing a new computer to run its fancy ...<< MORE >>


That's right... the new main page of rabidcentipede.com is now up! Go check it out! Wait a minute... if you are reading this, then you must have already been there.... it was neat, wasn't it?!?!? Did you notice that you got a random logo AS WELL as a random quote each time you visit there? And if having a cool new main page weren't enough...<< MORE >>

Some of our Favorite Snacks... part one

Here you will find some of our favorite snacks, and how to make them. If you ever want to throw a party like we do here at the RabidCentipede.com headquarters, just snack on some of these!! This issue covers yogurt, nachos, mac 'n' cheese, and almost anything else.<< MORE >>

Random Reflective Ramblings... pt. 1

Read on for a whole collection of random reflective ramblings!!! Okay... first, I'll start with the good news. I beat Zelda: Twilight Princess. It was amazing... << MORE >>